A quick look at the most important games of all times

. Blackjack

An all-time classic card adventure. Experts think it was originated around the 16th century because Cervantes mentioned it on one of his literary masterpieces in the year 1601. Try not to go over 21 points when facing the dealer for the closest hand, and pray for them not to get an Ace or you'll be in trouble!

. Slots

A perfect sample of how technology has preserved a classic game and even taken it to another level. Since its invention in 1887 by Charles August Fey, Slots have grown into thousands of different titles!

Software companies are now racing to get the attention of a humongous audience of players asking for more and more every year. Make sure to try progressive jackpot slots and feel the heat of having a chance of becoming a millionaire on every spin!

. Roulette

An absolute synonym of elegance and wealth, the roulette got its name from the French, although both Chinese and Roman cultures claim its invention. From Humphrey Bogart to Sean Connery, it has won our hearts with its many on-screen appearances. Make it spin and kiss lady luck when the jumpy ball lands on your number after bouncing over the whole wheel!

. Video Poker
Video Poker

The history around this classic between different types of casino games is fascinating and worth researching. Many cultures allege its authorship and origins, but the fact remains that the game as we know it was born in the US, around the 18th century.

Its most celebrated feature is the bluff, a strategy that consists in making your opponent believe that you have a strong hand to make them fold their hands, or perhaps tricking them into thinking that they're going to win when you're the one with the best possible pair of cards on the table. Are you good at lying?

. Baccarat

There's no doubt about the French origin on this one! Ian Fleming, our beloved 007 films writer, helped this card game gain success by including it on his movies. It is all about getting as close to 9 as you can, under specific rules. Beat the house on any of these gambling games!

. Craps

Perhaps one of the most difficult titles when it comes to learning how to play, even though it only consists of throwing a couple of dices and having enough luck to predict the outcome. Its true essential challenge lies in having the ability to understand the odds and bet accordingly.

When it comes to gambling with fake or real money, there are types of casino games that will survive any technology improvements in years to come. We've seen them in movies, read about them in books, and even on new TV shows. Take a quick peek at the most popular games!